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Our Community Impact to Aviano Air Base, Italy 

The Primavera Bazaar have taken place on Aviano Air Base, Italy in one form or another since the early 1980’s and remain an important part of the base to this day. It is not just that the events are enjoyed by thousands of patrons each year or that people travel from miles around to relish over the vendors wares. It is also extremely important to the survival of the private organizations on base and the services they provide to the Airman and families Aviano Air Base.

Each year in the Primavera Bazaar is held in the spring in Aviano. The spring bazaar is the responsibility of the 7 Enlisted Private Organizations; Aviano Top Three Association, Aviano Community Enlisted Spouses, First Sergeant Council, Chief's Group, Noncommissioned Officers Association, Aviano 5/6, & the Air Force Sergeants Association. These organizations together supply virtually the sole source of revenue for the many vital programs that take place on the base each year. Some of which are our military members such as the Senior NCO Induction Ceremony, 31 FW quarterly and annual awards programs, FTAC, ALS and CCAF graduation, Airmen’s Bash, Operation Yellow Ribbon, and the annual Air Force Ball. Others are for our family members stationed overseas. Funds provided by the two bazaars are given to such worthwhile events as the Children’s Deployment Club, Volunteer Appreciation Day, DARE, Ethics Awareness Months, Trunk or Treat, Spouse It Up, High School and Adult scholarship programs, and finally the Elementary and Middle School programs. Squadrons are also able to fund morale events within their squadrons such as Holiday parties, Sports Days and Picnics.

Very Respectfully,
Primavera Committee

**This is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.

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